As a young teenager Sander, better known as the talented DJ and producer Seductive, was always experimenting on mashing up hip hop beats with all kinds of vocals. One of his mash-ups was even played in a small club in his hometown Utrecht. It was the first time he saw people dancing on something he created… Adrenaline…

A couple years later Seductive bought his first dj-set and started mixing hip hop, dancehall and related styles. It was a fridaynight in the year 2006 that was THE moment for him! Together with a few friends Seductive organised an urban event with himself as a main DJ. By the success of the night, with 300 party people getting totally loose on his mixing skills and choice of music, Seductive knows music will be his life. After a few successful nights Seductive discovers a new music style taking over the Netherlands, he starts listening house day in and out. It was a party with DJ Chuckie that sold Sander to house music.

Seductive learns himself to produce with Propellerhead Reason that gave him the chance to create an unique sound. His 2008 productions, under which Döner Records ‘Underground Sound’ and ‘The Kingdom’, got massive support from the like’s of Erick E, Rishi Romero, Crookers, Sidney Samson, Tom Stephan, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Switch and the list continues.

From 2009 and on Seductive is represented by a young and fresh agency called ‘Essential-artists’. He’s travelling between the biggest clubs of the Netherlands fulfilling his residency at the ‘Sexy Motherfucker’ parties. Not only the Dutch love his sound he also visited Spain, Turkey, Belgium and France.

Releases on Döner Records:
‘Seductive – Underground Sound EP’
‘Remaniax – Can U Digg It (Seductive Remix)’